Words of Inspiration Worth While

This was a message I found from DTM.

Give yourself permission to feel your feelings. Years and years of repressed emotions build resentments. These resentments are a huge block to the creative energy of love. These blocks get stuck inside of your being and are the underlying cause of all dis-ease conditions.

You have the unlimited power within you to surrender these blocks and free yourself from suffering. It can be done in an instant. Suffering is the result of resistance to painful emotions. Pain is the best teacher and catalyst for the evolution of your spirit. I know because I have been practicing this intensely for the last few days and it has been a miracle for me in shifting energy into a more loving and spacious place.

What I have noticed is that as I shift my energy into more a loving and spacious place through the surrendering into these feelings process, everyone who is around me shifts instantly as well. When I allow myself to feel what I am feeling it gives other permission to do the same. This is very subtle and yet very powerful. It is though I am literally creating the worlds response to me through my own energy vibration.

I am going to continue to explore this allowing/surrendering/letting go process and see if I can create a way to express a step by step method to help us to become more free and creative. I like to make things as simple as possible because I like to share the things that help me so I can be a blessing to anyone who could use a more love/creativity/freedom energy.

My recent experiences lead me to believe that we are in control of our response to the events in our lives. Next time your spirit is troubled, relax into whatever is causing you to contract and embrace the feeling/sensation taking place in your body. Allow it to be there and then decide if you want to hold onto this or not. I am sure you will want to let it go so you can feel more Love, Joy, Creativity and Peace. Right?

Surmount the obstacles and let your unlimited potential arise. Shine your light in this world. It is already within you. All you have to do is allow yourself to become aware of the fear based blocks and decide if you want to hold onto them or not. Do not allow the simplicity of this process keep you from making it work in your life. The more simple something is the closer it is to Truth. I you…

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