Inversion Meditation “Therapy”

When you meditate where do you go?

After coming out of a deep rejuvenating 30+ minute inverted trance, something dawned on me.

People ask, “Troy why do you do what you do? ..Why the ‘weirdness’ ..why the differentiating messages.. why the search for truth and individuality?” why-why-why..

And I can only reflect and reply with the most basic response of all, “My reach the Highest level of Regeneration” – ‘humanely’ possible.

You gotta dream your dream. You are worth making your dreams come true. You can do it. Don’t let anyone take away your dreams.

Why can’t I become totally awakened? A powerful master in the truest, purest sense? ..experiencing Life-Long Superman Health and Longevity, Greatness and Service?

Just as the sun rises every morning without fail, has it ever dawned on you that things are –hidden in plain sight–

Our world (body, mind, soul) is built upon fundamental laws and foundational concepts where cause comes before reason and effect.

Do you have a higher cause and purpose with the phenomena known as time in life? Blessed or not, do we just play the cards we are dealt with in life?..with no action, no movement, no improvement, no openness or thought pattern for betterment and empowerment of one’s self or future generations?

Together, can we master a systematic whole body approach required for Self-Regeneration by applying and learning the “secrets of regenerating the revitalizing life force energy inside all of us”?

It’s not easy…but what is?

Will it require Self-discipline and Self-mastery? .. a letting go of all unnatural, unnecessary needs, wants, desires, habits, attachments and addictions? .. a harnessing and cultivation of the vital creative essence, the quintessential eternal force, drive, and impulse to persist that magically connects and relates all things as is?

Yes. You can do this.

The calling I so willingly chose to take on is a mighty one..but the time (already understood as an imaginary concept) for self-governmental order is ever present.. just like a split-second moment when a light can magically fill up a room, so too can we instantly obtain the Highest FLOW and ZONE State of Regeneration at a snap of our fingers..a shift and rising up of conscious awareness where we start taking complete control of our ability to regenerate our entire selves – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

A path of regeneration is worth living..or in this case dying for… There is one thing in life you can always expect, and that is change. Be the change my friends, be the change.

I am no where near where I will ultimately be one day in life..but as I continue “striving for perfection” – my vision of the future looks promising – knowing it doesn’t exist anymore than the KnownTruth’s hidden in plain sight at this very point in space and time…

I’ll leave you with this…as a collective whole, are we or are we on the verge of a Regeneration Nation Movement?

true or true?

Dualistically speaking, we are either Regenerating or Degenerating…which way are you growing? why do you do what you do?


Time is meant to enjoy good company, feel beautiful, be radiant, and live vibrant.

sun-bathing inversion meditation is all the Medicine you need 😉

happy livin y’all – let’s regenerate as we celebrate life.

2013..the Year of Ascension..may truth set us all Free.


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