Human-Powered Mind Flight

I remember a time when I was flying…

…amongst a majestic-mountainous valley in front of the bluest crystal-clear harmonious multi-toned turquoise waters imaginable, realizing at this particular moment in space and time…

I was effectively levitating my mind’s-eye above the outdated push-pull mechanisms (give-take) in the uni-verse and flying past the mind’s threshold guardian (ego) into the multi-verse of uncharted waters of the brain (eco).

Through continued-creation of imaginary-instances of delightful-diversity with this give-take relationship of the mind-body connection, the unifying theoretical question becomes are we able to unify the Ego System (mind) with the Eco System (body)?

With finely-tuned acute-awareness paying astute-attention to subtle energetic detail in a hero’s developmental journey, we know there is a Road of Trials that must be encountered, dealt with, and moved on from in order to grow from our highest highs and our lowest lows using the Law of Accelerated Returns.

We must realize success is a drug and failure is sobriety.
The best thing that ever happened to you..and me was fear of failure.

They say whoever can encapsulate motivation and put it in a bottle for sell will be a billionaire..I say forget your bottles and your sales, and tap into the operating principles of your mind-body connection and amplify the powers by celebrating the complexity and simplicity of the human brain.

Just as sure as this world is ran on Water, Gas, and Oil – you too are no different … except that one tiny rudimentary-elemental difference, and that is ‘Motivational Love’

It is by exceedingly-expressing this emotional-entrepreneurial-energy that intelligently-inspired-ideas will transcend natural limitations that we write off as merely our biological heritage, knowing the biological imperative in this world is the impulse to persist by defying the odds and stacking those odds in our favor knowing the brain’s being is the grandest biological frontier unknown to man…

We must realize through recursive hierarchical thinking we are all creative artists in recovery, simply re-discovering our evolved communication and decision networks known as the nervous system.

When you couple the success drug with motivational love, your nervous system combines with the endocrine system to act on the formation of the universal molecule of self-actualization.

Do not detract from the fact that the vicissitudes and vernacular of the fear of failure will bring you closer to your own unique creative process of self-reflection.

Man’s idle thoughts reveal to us we experience our thinking every moment of our waking and dreaming lives, knowing we are powerful beyond words.

I very rarely think in words at all..a thought comes, and I may try to express it in words afterwards.

I remember a time when my mind was flying and my body was levitating…

~Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind~ Ralph Waldo

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