Holy Shift Belief Systems


You see, in my journey, my mental rebirth has resonated and magnetized towards 3 kinds of higher energetic Belief Systems (BS): The Alpha (masculine), The Oracle (feminine), and The Alchemist (universal).

As I begin my verbal declaration and venture back into the larger realm of society, I notice people love to ask me:

~What do you do for a Living?~

My charmingly charismatic response?

I live. I be. I free.

In my never-ending search for balance and harmony with eternal truth, the quest becomes how to impose my identity to Engineer the Alpha, Release the Inner Oracle, and Become the Transformational Alchemist for all the creative minorities who feel alive inside while simultaneously transcending the dualistic (+ & -) polarization and dogmatic approaches to life.

Diving Deep I Mean: Time & Space, Light & Dark, Hot & Cold, Young & Old, Drunk & Sober (hey it’s all about relations and attachments) etc – effectively the dichotomies or life-scales we dangerously decide to abide by as we humans live and die by our stories…meaning we are meaning-making mind-machines who need to quit fueling the dueling dualities.

However, as we acquire and act upon accelerated awareness with accumulated age on the ‘Known-Truths’ in life, we realize (with real-eyes) what we Tune into we Turn into…

By preserving and protecting our proud sensory engines of thought-pool, thought-pattern, and thought-process; our peaceful philosophical lens of perception can turn into a powerful prophetic revelation in the polar realm. This prolific positioning is predicated on the path to primal perfection as passive ignorance is no longer a valid principle on this planet.

Acknowledging the fact there is no such thing as positive and negative energy, rather the acceptance of the necessary receptive energies which must be present in order to reach a state of equilibrium in all things living is essential.

That is the original organic essence of life.

That is the cosmos’ golden rule to adhere to within universality of natural law.

From Higher Health to Inner Wealth (internal paradise=external reflection), the profound prowess of Perpetual Regeneration is why we must embrace our internal dialogue and energize our self-actualization intellectual superpowers to unlock our Levitational Perception.

That is: reprogramming is deprogramming.

Whether it be psychologically, physiologically, neurologically or endocrinology; the dynamic whole or invisible matrix of energy forces that collectively comprise ‘the field’ or the commonly known as the cosmic consciousness (ether), linear logic can radically rewrite our detachment and denial to the fragile foundation and fundamentally flawed programming we received ‘growing up’.

From black-coated priests (laws of scripture) to white-coated scientists (laws of the jungle), like an adolescent asserting independence, we must claim and value freedom as our birthright, abundance as our livelihood. Life is a game within a game, you must play the man, not the cards.

Diving deep once again we recognize our primary provider and original watchmaker endowed us with certain ‘alienable’ rights (note: replace whatever best fits with your vernacular and self-identification here*)

Keen insight reveals observations and conversations change our reality as weapons of mass-distractions are out for universal mind control and mundane freedom of expression.

It is said that the formidable powers and invisible forces and control our world..but personally I just can’t see them 😉

I cannot physically see the spiritual forces or metaphysical notions either, but intuitively know that predictability is the primary hallmark of scientific and verifiable truths.

That is: the world-behind-the-world.

Simply stated, the subject of study for me has been what life-long lifestyle protocols are mutually beneficial for all and required to stimulate sensations and activate actions that distinguish virtually indistinguishable real truths from fervently held beliefs.

That is: absolute knowledge vs absolute certainty as the poison is in the dose.

For me, the age-old adages: “I think therefore I am” or “As above So Below” needed depth and discovery. That is from the microcosm of the cell to the macrocosm of the mind…

Enlightenment is recognizing how much you do not know.
Empowerment is creating your own unique value system.
Relaxation is what we are and Stress is what we think we should be.

You see, Separation (sexual consciousness) is the Foundation of Fear. Fear can never exist in the present, only the past or future as it is emanating from an imaginary belief.

It’s time we get out of this victim mentality and take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings.

The love hormone is the cycle of completion as the obviousness of this truth cannot be ostracized.

For me, it’s all about becoming an Official Truth Provider, an Inspired Visionary of Unlimited Possibilities.

Optimizing the Universe is not easy, but neither was learning to ride a bike without training wheels.

I don’t care if it is physically, personally, or professionally, practice where you place your focus and position yourself in the right environment around the right people.

The arrow of time never stands still my friends. Shift your stance about the status quo.

We do not age because the sun rises and falls nor the earth’s seemingly-endless spinning orbit, but rather the grueling effect of gravity and the earthy matter and material we consume day in and day out.

Let’s return to holism as there is no unchallengeable authority or arbiter of truth in life.

The grace of innocence tells us not to rest on timid laurels as we must continue to hustle for every success and make humility our fundamental drive instead of masquerading around as power players in the know-all.

Re-create the sorcerer’s magic (Jing/Qi/Shen) and Re-design the classic magician’s distractions (vital life force) to begin to understand the quintessential embodiment of computational wizardry known as the human body.

I know we cannot control the weather, the politics, or the new laws being passed without consent, but we can all savor the sweetness of victory as the body is our temple and the human vessel and vehicle is a ball of unpredictable energy where fortune favors the bold and the impending apocalypse within our body can be nothing more than heresy if we decide to act out of love and light and treat our body with respect.

This is the gateway to global evolution and us kindred spirits are the gatekeepers at the crux of our cognitive development and rebirth.

Lest we over-glorify Life’s Theater, unmasking the façade of everything we know about the proverbial self-imposed matrix has no significance in weight as we can make a conscious decision to live with less-limits and become limitless, having an infinite sense of humor and playing with holistic temperance.

As you will soon see in Troy Shanks (Truth Seeker) story “Athlete 2 Alchemist” the provocative question will lead us down the never-ending spiraling rabbit hole of Cooperation over Competition, Master over Matter.

It’s a new look at an old story. An intensified exploration of response-ability and trance-formation as a young man knows the rules, a wise man knows the exceptions.

Remember the truth is always hiding somewhere between what you see and what you believe.

Together we can create a rich, multifaceted existence of empowerment and enlightenment.

The resurgence of a cool, calm, collected, and centered cat is coming to a mind near you as the emergence for marginal aptitude for creativity will be stretched and expanded by all means.

The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue. Purge what is wrong and invest in your search for the truth and gamble on the only investment that always pays out: you!

By the Law of Affinity Become One.

By the Law of Attraction Become Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent.

By the Law of Association Become the Greatest, Highest Version of Yourself.

The HOLY SHIFT is coming, but remember its all B.S.

Change your Belief System – Change Your Vision.. of the World.

Be you. Stay True. Stay Tuned.

Over (your head) and Out (your butt),
Regeneration and Detoxification,

Troy Shanks (anonymity at heart)

*Truth Seeker*
*Known Truth aka Official Truth Provider*
*Athlete 2 Alchemist*
*Inspired Visionary*
*Empowered Master*
*Higher Health Network*
*Alpha Alchemist*

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