Banners Broker Review:
Scam or Legit?

My Banners Broker review will be rather interesting because I have only heard a skewed amount of stories and testimonials regarding how well it works and holds true to its colors.

banners broker reviewThe transparent truth on whether or not is a scam or legit will come down to 3 important areas which we will discuss and outline below.

Just to clear the air upfront, I am not in Banners Broker and have no real intention or purpose of joining this business opportunity as a member or affiliate. This is a honest review of the Banners Broker business model and compensation plan from the outside with no strings attached.

Many are confused upfront with the Banners Broker system in which you get a certain share or percentage of the profits the entire company makes from their online advertising banner business.

In a nutshell, Banners Broker buys bulk banner ads (on websites, forums, and like-minded locations) and as an affiliate of the banners broker system you have the option or incentive to buy and order ad impressions generated from those strategically placed banners.

You can invite others to do the same as well and earn additional profits and money online. Receiving a share of the company-generated profits is like you are equal to an investor in the company, but also have the ability to run your own website advertisements at the same time via banner ads.

From my personal due diligence, they have a few distinct packages in which you can purchase and come into the business as, and the most popular or bought one is the Ad Pub Combo.

They make a bold claim and say that, “it is impossible not to make money” with Banners Broker. They promote the fact you can expect to see your initial investment double within a 30 to 60 day time-frame if done right.

The typical, the more money you invest the more you get out seems to fit the bill and description of exactly how this is laid out. Buying traffic packages or sponsoring others into the Banner Broker Business will accelerate the cycle of returns at a faster rate so you in theory make more money faster.

So the more money you invest the more money you get out. You can then recruit others and buy more traffic packages yourself to grow your Banners Broker business at a faster rate.

This is where my review of Banners Broker gets a little cold, as knowing whether or not banners broker is a scam or worth your time, money, and effort is needed. While most are quick to label and judge similar opportunities as ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes, we need to look at the raw facts of the living truth about how the top income earners and generators are doing to really see the trickle down effect.

All over the internet you can do a quick search and find people expressing their success in terms of the business opportunity and why the business model works in multiple ways, albeit sponsoring and recruiting vs advertising and online marketing promotions via website banner ads.

Naturally, all network marketing (mlm) companies and opportunities will have some sort of negative pull or resistance to it online. The key is to decipher the hype from the fluff, the value vs the validity of how people are doing with it.

My biggest concern about Banners Broker’s scam potential is how feasible the quality of websites and traffic that the banners are being placed on are worth. If it is superiorly high in cost and the traffic is dirt ball, that simply is not a sustainable income model or business deal.

If I had to guess, I guarantee they do not disclose where the ads are being placed on the banners and websites they purchase in bulk from .. which means the only real way to know ahead of time is after you have spent money and invested to find out trial and error style .. which can become costly quickly with no real returns.. that is the biggest upfront threat regarding service to affiliate and internet marketers that I can see.

Knowing what type of website traffic to expect is an ideal question to ask whoever it is your thinking about joining up with or getting sponsored by. Mind you, just because I have this dark grey cloud of an area hanging over the Banners Broker business review, does not mean I think it is a scam or get rich scheme…but if the service they are offering and selling is horrible quality traffic, it simply becomes a money game at the end of the day because no real value is being given or traded..which can turn into a major obstacle down the road.

However, what Banners Broker has done nicely is the funded proposal aspect. Meaning it does not necessarily have to be your primary or full time income generator and can act as a secondary income stream as you offer it to your internet leads that are looking for low cost front end joining fees. This is not something I highly recommend doing, however I am trying to create an unbiased review of the banners broker system so you can make an educated, informed decision on whether or not you think this is right for you.

I would suggest looking into the Empower Network system before Banners Broker. The Empower Network blogging platform, sales funnel, training products, and marketing system is much more complete and comprehensive and will allow you to make much more money in the long term.

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