I get many questions about what will happen beyond the 21st. December – and the best answer I can always give anyone in particular is to – follow your intuition – that is the true path towards ascension.

To put this into context, it can mean to settle and resolve any differences and problems you have with friends and relationships. It is important to start with a clean slate, always knowing some relations will end while others open up and blossom. Groups will begin to form and partnerships will be the new ‘marriages’ – expect more abundance and freedom that ever before or previously thought – this will become to be due to a higher level and state of god-like consciousness.

What do you need to do NOW? A big part of your immediate growth will come from you actively ‘lifting up your thoughts’ so you can focus, fine tune, and shape your future. Do not be afraid to let go of any unnatural and extreme attachments, desires, needs, and wants. Leave all doubt, fear, and worry behind – have no regrets as it will immensely help speed up your internal evolutionary process.

In order to maintain, sustain, and essentially create a better life for you and your loved ones, you must first work on internalizing the negative connotations and drawbacks that duality has confronted us all with – All of your experiences, good, bad, right, wrong, beautiful, ugly – are part of your upliftment – the key is to always benefit from them, no matter how painful or pleasurable it is.

Our past and present time-frame has showed us how to fully experience the duality of e-motions and senses – while learning how to control and utilize them. Exercising the ability to keep negative emotions in check should be a core focal point – making a constant and consistent effort to change will have an exponential effect – to take one example, anger, has a hugely debilitating affect on you mentally and physically – which after continually happening without working it out will damage your body and bring the onset of illness about.

You want to become more of the Light, focusing your attention to draw in the harmonious ‘things’ into life and existence – always knowing that as you progress and internalize the process it becomes easier to sustain your calmness and peace within.

This is the process of Ascension, allowing you to become more in alignment with your Higher-Self, which should be your primary target and ultimate objective right now.

It is time to raise our vibrations, leaving the lower, dense, decrepitude-like lifestyle behind – understanding duality is not our true reality, yet mere illusions.

At the timing of this post, 9-11-2012 – and before we reach 12-21-2012 – many opportunities will present themselves to those who are unaware and blind to what is coming – the point is to work on yourself first and foremost, then act as a Guide to those who need it – becoming a beacon of light, a point of emphasis, leading by example and action rather than words and judgements.

Most of the rest of our time left in 2012 will be about cleansing – a removal of the dark so the light can shine – just as with the diet – it is not about changing, yet replacing, the good with the bad, the healthy with the poor quality – changing the power and influence of your thoughts, decisions, and actions will allow you to feel and become a walking light being so to speak.

There is no need to carry judgement or harsh resentment towards anyone or anything – despite the feeling of being duped or guilty, let all of this break up and resolve on its own time. The negative energies will dissipate and it is up to us to help transmute them, providing a great service to both the Universe and ourselves (as above, so below).

2012 is about changing your belief system – set yourself free from all the negative and lower life influences – stand up for the truth and realize how to explain your position and stance.

There is no need to push, convince, or convert anyone into your own truth, ideas, and ideologies. Everyone has their own path to take, and when the time comes and they are ready for the awakening, they will recognize it for what it is – making them re-access their core beliefs, values, and educational knowledge foundations.

In time, the Masters will return into our presence – ensuring false teachings and historical events are either removed all together or corrected once and for all.

For truth is not just a random writing into our record books, yet an ever-green energy which lifts others up and brings a true, more clear understanding of all that is, was, and ever will be.

Our Auric Emanations will become full of Love and Light – which allow for Higher Intelligence and Purpose to fill our being.

Continue to be all that you are and will be – becoming a vanguard of knowledge so when the time and position presents itself – you will be invaluable to all those who seek the whole idea of Ascension.

Allow this time to propel you into a wonderful realm of peace and harmony, where all worries and doubts are forgotten – where you have nothing to lose, and all to gain.

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