Alas, you are reduced to the pen again, My Child. It is not so bad.

There will be time provided, in the future, to transcribe this electronically. Remember the days when this was comfortable and you dreaded using the machines to do your Writings? You have both talents at your fingertips, right now, and they will supplement each other.

We gave you many ideas, yesterday, but they were not recorded, and they seemingly have flitted by.

They will come back once again, but DO write them down.

Don’t trust your memory, for you are not in memory when We channel this information to you.

It is a different wavelength and does not permanently reside in your consciousness for very long, as more than a passing thought or a brief dream.

Stop trying to trust memory. Ask for the information again, when you feel the need.

As to auric emanations — during your lunch, you saved (so to speak) a trapped bug, of the wasp variety.

By opening the screen door, just a bit, you gave the opportunity to the insect to find freedom, but you did not make it go through the opening…

As you watched its struggle to locate that there was now an opening, you were reminded that Spiritual direction is equally as close at hand for seekers. The insect took a long time to discover the opening, even though it flew frantically only two inches to the right of it.

When it finally connected with the solid edge of the screen door, the insect seemed to fight and attack this new surface, instead of crawling another eighth of an inch to freedom.

This is what mankind does, in search of Freedom. It took almost five minutes before the insect finally discovered it was free to leave and flew away. You talked to the bug, but it did not hear you.

What has this to do with auric emanations?

If you had placed your hand near the bug, it would have sensed the auric emanation of your hand, and you were wise not to. Even though you were offering a helping hand, in this case, the bug would have stung and probed at it the same way it did the edge of the screen door.

Bugs and animals perceive auric emanations. Those that are of a scavenger or a parasitic nature look for the weaker areas in the Light Body of their prey and lock into this area.

When the aura has holes or injured areas, it becomes even more vulnerable to parasitic-preying energies. It becomes a host for this type of parasitic energy, without having the intensity of Light to burn the attacking energy, and give it a battle for residence.

You can see auric emanations in your mind’s eye, but not with your physical eye. Your physical eye, on the other hand, can perceive energetic blockages under the skin of humans and animals, such as lumps or redness.

What affects auric emanation? Food, Emotions, Environment, and a host of other entities.

Improving the electronic circuitry in your body and checking for shorts is an important health concept.

Without being narcissistic, one needs to evaluate the auric emanations before taking on a particularly challenging task or confronting other people.

One’s emanations can either burn or soothe another person. If you are in personal turmoil, the aura will glow with this.

Bugs of a parasitic nature will sting you in the exact area that emanates weakness. People of aggressive nature will sense your weakness and may also prey upon this.

Weakness may try to be masked by its owner as strength, but the auric emanation is the electrical impulses that say otherwise.

Something like the principle of the lie detector test; if you say you feel fine, yet you are covering up the pain in your side, the lie detector would register that you had spoken a statement that was not true.

Some people are so frightened by the lie detector that they register inaccurately, due to the intensity of the electric emanation, which has to do with fear, an emotion.

The words emotion and emanation are purposely close—with emotion being energy in motion, which causes emanations of electrical impulses.

The human body is a complex electronic system.

Until we treat it as such, and treat all that it comes in contact with, as also being composed of electronic emanations, we are still separating ourselves from seeing with a clear eye what affects our health, comfort, and well-being.

Modern science, as well as the potentially negative forces of laser energy, are rapidly moving in this direction. Look harder at auric emanations, and try to learn from what you see.

Go in Peace.

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