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Who is Troy? [Athlete 2 Alchemist 2 Alpha]

Once upon a time, I heard the Truth shall set you Free.

The creative essence within the story of “Troy Shanks (Athelete to Alchemist to Alpha)” is about Perpetual Regeneration to Levitational Perception.

That is, the foundational biological imperative concept of Higher Health to Inner Wealth (Internal Paradise = External Reflection).

troy shanks digital alchemistAs virtually limitless amounts of cosmic epiphanies began to dawn on me, timeless transcendence of my timelessly presence in the ‘Holy Shift of B.S.’ (belief systems) about universal life started a Higher Truth transformation twist in my life from I to We (think illness to wellness).

These fundamental simplicities and foundational building blocks of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and even financial (money is the great equalizer of energy) realms of reality needed to be challenged and questioned at their core.

With so many words of wisdom at-hand to express my creative play on words, deciding which in-formation of thoughts, feelings, and actions to choose from to impose my identity with is not easy.

The contributing factors and driving forces which shape everyday aspects of our roller coaster lifestyle need to be questioned in the theory of time and timelessly present.

Acting with effortless presence in a transcendental meditative state in our beautiful blue biosphere of biological beings is becoming the best, greatest, highest version of our SELF.

I began to fall in love with my Inner Oracle, engineering my Alchemist, and motivating my Alpha on the concepts of Mastery in Energetic Development, Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Time-Freedom Lifestyle.

It all began when I immersed myself in the Beauty of Art of Primal Perfection; that is to balance and harmonize with the artificial world which effectively transcends time and space, duality and the dichotomies in life.

One cannot help but to faithfully acknowledge and recognize our innate, inherent ability to ask a higher quality of question in which the bold truth seeker’s fortune will favor our futuristic form, function, and fluidity.

Life is Creation’s greatest treasure for Man in the flesh, and most of us should enjoy it much longer than we currently do. It all ends by asking a higher quality of question which in turn sends the mind spiraling up a path of seeking truth (Truth Seeker).

Having a relational integration with the self and others involves and evolves from a positive perspective of polarization; asking potent questions that will perpetually permeate and penetrate your path of personal regeneration and rejuvenation of the starseed self should be the top priority.

If we come from a place of perennial self-enquiry, we are charismatically charging forward on a quintessential quest of enlightenment, empowerment, and self-expression.

How do we Become the Greatest Versions of OurSelf?

What if I change my thoughts, feelings, actions, habits, wants, needs, desires, and environment?

I attempt to do everything I can to be uncommon, outside of the box, and different than anyone else has ever done before, and that is where I am headed today.

Known-Truth (knowledge + truth) helped change my life, helped shape my life. Back when I got started making money online, leveraging the raw power of the internet, I was extremely excited about the idea of the dream-state lifestyle design, freedom and abundance.

Fast forward 7 years later, and there are innate, inherent values at my core within me: always persevere, always have a great perspective and always have greater, higher purpose in life.
The impulse to persist is the invisible connection that brings and ties us all together.

And that is what I do today, no matter when you read through my website slang, time is of the essence yet has no bearing on how I age, think, feel, and become.
I am on a life-long super-health quest, to not only serve, help, and share as many universal truths and guiding principles as humanely possible, but to lead by example, become a beacon of pure, white light, and live to my highest potentiality in life.

We are energetic beings, as I am an Energy Entrepreneur Creating Freedom and Mastering Lifestyle.

Sometimes you’ve just got to make a play when nobody thinks you can. I am a baller in life, my whole life, and that truth will always remain instilled within.

There is a distinct difference between talents and skills. You are born with talent, but you perfect your skill through hard work, determination, motivation, and time.

You have to be really, really dedicated to what you want to do and what you love to do.

I love health, energy, inspiration, enlightenment, hope, awareness, truth, peace, knowledge, experience, certainty, power, and Omni-Self Mastery.

Love is an understatement.

cycle of completionThe biggest thing, in terms of living a fulfilling and satisfied life, in my thoughts are to just be yourself at all times. However, our-“self” are super fluid, plastic, and changeable. You have to trust in what you believe, feel, and think in order to become and evolve into your higher self. You have to trust in who you are.

Your thought-pool is of vital importance and deep significance in life. Your internal environment (internal paradise) reveals your external perception (external reflection). Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, we all have the power to change our thought-pool … this invisible, hidden in plain sight think-tank where we constantly draw our thoughts, feelings, and actions from.

There is a king in every crowd. Your job is not to be the king by vote, but by pleasure, not pain.

The biggest thing is just doing what I do best, and that’s working hard.

Every day I wake up, that’s my goal: Be on a constant quest for knowledge and Known-Truth to do something different and be unique and be uncommon.

From Higher Health to Inner Wealth, Levitational Perception helps ~Levitate your mind, Elevate your game~

Be You. Stay True. Stay Sweet. Stay Sexy. ~Stay Wavy Baby~

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My dad once told me, whatever you do, do something you love so it never feels like work. From this day forward, I constantly and carefully crafted my message, truth, and vision towards delivering real-life value, energy, and mastery in key areas and aspects in life. From everything to mindset, longevity, connecting to the higher self, and more – My message has always been the same. Hard Work, Dedication, and have been the core wisdom I hope to transfer into you as a thank you for reading, visiting, and absorbing my thoughts, feelings, and outlook on life.

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I have many irons in the fire when it comes to projects, from health, to wealth, to blogging and establishing a community movement, my arms are ready and my eyes wide open to welcome as many of you as I can, to serve a higher purpose, help others create success, happiness and prosperity in life. Make sure you check out Empower Network as one of the best ways to make money with me by building your very own home based business.

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