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Troy 'Searchiac' Shanks, a true brainiac about search, would like to welcome you to my wavy way of organic optimization and openly opinionated omnipotent opulence outlooks. ooooo let's share some genius, genuinely glad you graivated here. reach out, i am human two.

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The Universe

Wavy Wide Web

The #internet is godspeed. A global connectivity network that represents a modern day digital messiah of mass mammalian messenging. What 'being online' means today towards the awareness and acculumation of accurate information and insight is profound. The monumental shifts and impacts in how we live, interact and engage have forever changed.

Since February 2, 2006 I have went the way of the wavy world wide web and made it a passionate playground of perpetually producing powerful points of perspective and penetration on pressing points of interest showcasing and highlighting innovation...aka tldr spread seeds and sprout sensational success stories.

More coming soon

Organic Optimization

There's a saying "you are what you eat"...in these digital waters, you are what you SEARCH.

Organic optimization is all about asking a higher quality question and receiving an alpha answer in return. #quest-i-on The 3 letter acroymn S.E.O. has been my gravity guide since the day I introduced myself to the Internet back in February 2006. Then forward, its ushered an optimizing the universe mentality to help me See Everything Optimally.

One universal truth compounded into absolutes is "man as a measure of all things". It's the cosmic tag line and super-soul slogan byline for all of us breathing. Think outside the box, go against the grain, make it rain and feel no pain.

Keyword King


Help Me, Help me Help Me and I ain't crying for help. Be undefinable my beautifully bonded believers. It wouldn't be me if I didn't show all sides of me. In life, I encourage everyone to Become Undefinable. That is to say Live your #KnownTruth. Be kind, caring and interesting.

I am that I am...[Alpha Alchemist, Higher Health, Known Truth] A.K.A alien aliases all symbolize the sensations of being a reflection of your imagination. Even if I were lucky enough to become an awareness author, eclectic entrepreneur, master marketer, super networker or ballin' blogger - I am here to serve and protect the presence of all.

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